Snow Days

      Ah, snow days. Kids love them, parents hate them. It feels like my daughter has had more snow days this school year than I ever had while in school. 😛 Thankfully I am able to bring her to my school while I teach. She adores eating breakfast there and spending hours reading in the library. Last week she was able to spend time in the art wing while I documented a visiting artist.


      She has not been excited about me photographing her recently. I usually get crazy faces, including the fingers in ears & tongue out. The light was so beautiful on her while she was drawing and I couldn’t resist. Thankfully she looked at me for a split second and I was able to capture this moment. I’ve been staring at it while writing this post, and I’m having a hard time believing she will be 7 in a months time. Where have those years gone? ct-family-photographer-lilly